Selling Modern Wood Furniture


Selling furniture can be a stressful process. When you are already going through financial hardship, moving home or simply trying to replace old furniture with new - looking for somewhere to sell your current stock of furniture is time-consuming and can feel overly-complicated. However, if you are moving home, replacing or trying to raise some much-needed cash, selling your furniture does not necessarily need to be problematic. Providing that you use the right channels, you could receive a fair price for your unwanted items – allowing you to focus your attention on purchasing new furniture. There are certain steps that you need to consider during the process:


How much is my furniture worth?


Regardless of whether or not you need the cash, valuing your furniture is always a good place to start. After all, you it’s only fair that you receive a fair price for what you own, right? There are many ways to estimate the value of your existing furniture, and you don’t necessarily have to pay a dealer or an expert in order to do so. The local library can be a good place to start. Enter a building with a plethora of books and information on furniture, to enable you to evaluate ways in which to sell your furniture, and give you a guide of how much it is worth.


One of the key functions for most libraries, is to help out the local community, and help to maintain strong relationships across a variety of community members. As such, some libraries will allow you to advertise your furniture inside. You could display posters or write out small advertisements for people to read. Just because you no longer need the items, doesn’t mean that other people aren’t able to make use of them.


Another way of estimating the value of your modern wood furniture, is to look at online advertisements. Search for your items through your search engine, and you are likely to find information from other sellers. Not only will this provide you with a guide of how much people are willing to pay, but you might also gain some ideas about how you could advertise the sale of your own furniture. Remember to look for modern wood furniture which is in a similar condition to yours, and try to look for three or four different advertisements rather than just relying on one (as you never know how long they have been trying to sell for!) A more expensive way of valuing your furniture, is by asking an expert. They are likely to come around to your house and give you a quotation.


Price realistically


Once you have a rough value for your modern wood furniture, you can then decide how much you are going to advertise it for. Although you want to get a good price for your items, you have to be realistic when pricing as the likelihood is that your buyer will want to view the item prior to collecting. At the same time, there is likely to be a period of negotiation when discussing payment with the buyer so you may want to raise your price initially, in order to receive a fair price after negotiation has taken place.


Choosing how to sell


Having calculated a selling price, you now need to choose the best method by which to sell your furniture. Your location is likely to affect how many options are available to you, however, the internet has become extremely effective in linking buyers to sellers across a wide geographical area. If you have a number of items to sell (not just your furniture), a garage sale might be a good idea. This enables you to give the neighbourhood access to your stock without having to pay high costs in transporting them to a central location. You could even pull in the help of friends and family, allowing you to spend your time negotiating rather than trying to manage everything at once!


If you are moving house, you could choose to have a house clearance sale. This provides people with access to your home, bidding for items that you might think are worthless! Of course you need to be careful when providing the general public with free access to your house, but if you are moving anyway, this might not be too problematic for you. Alternatively, you could choose to use Furniteller 2017. Read on to hear what we can do for you.


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